Since 2009, contributions to the Linda Schulman Innovation Fund have made it possible to award grands to ESL teachers from Nantuckett to Millbury and from kindergarten to college, as listed below.  Final reports of the projects will be accessible on the foundation web site ( at the beginning of 2012.




Project Title




Marilyn Barrett,

Nantucket High School



Developing Projects Utilizing Voice Thread and Building an Electronic Portfolio using Google Sites

Allow students to improve their English, to share their school experience with their families and friends, and to acquire technological skills.

Annette Wylie

Norrback Avenue School


Dr. Seuss for you, Dr. Seuss para m’

Enhance bilingual learning while encouraging parentsŐ participation in their childrenŐs education.



Maeve Hitzenbuhler, ESLCoordinator/Teacher pre-k-12

Millbury Senior Lecturer

Empowering Parents through Second Language Learning Communities

Facilitate instruction in a multi-level ESL course for parents to empower them to integrate more easily into our school community. 

Jennifer McCabe
Malden Public Schools

Mary Margaret Almonte, Beebe School, Malden

Children Reading the World

Promote literacy by having students to take photographs of family and community and work in cooperative groups to develop literacy projects.



Cori Weiner

Senior Lecturer, CELOP

Boston University


Connecting English Language Learners to Culture: More than Authentic Material

Produce a base of interviews on subject matter highlighting various elements of American culture often overlooked in an ELL classroom.